The patients should feel particularly comfortable with us. For this we offer special services, which are certainly not everywhere self-evident:


  • Waiting room:

– Coffee bar (with cocoa, cappuccino and other coffee)

– Water dispenser

– 4 iPads for the patients in the waiting room

– Playstation

  • Treatment:

– 3D glasses and large film selection for patients with longer treatments.

– „Dental Care Bags“ for all patients who have fixed braces.

– We produce all Aligner computer-aided in our practice, also all other removable braces are made in our practice laboratory. This saves time and money, so we can guarantee fair prices and short production times. In urgent cases, we even produce on the same day or „overnight“.

– Our motto is: It does not work, it does not exist, we always try to fulfill all wishes, to award desired dates, to meet the patients wherever possible.

– No unfriendly word will be heard by a patient in our office!

  • Vacation:

– During our holidays, we are still available at the usual business hours on the practice phone. If there is a small „emergency“  (broken bracelets, wire stabs, bracket loose) one of us comes to the practice and helps.

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